Virtual Enterprise

Enterprise Access Anywhere

Key Features

• Virtual, flexible communications environment for all connected devices on any 3G/4G/LTE network with extension dialing, simultaneous ringing, call hunting, call transfer, call screening/barring, and many more.

• Multi-level IVR capability for enterprise users to build their own IVR menu.

• Control costs through network cloud – no Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) needed.

• Convenient web access to quickly subscribe and virtualize every aspect of the office, increasing connectivity and extending your enterprise's reach.

Virtual Enterprise

With the explosion in mobile computing and web applications, enterprises have placed a premium on connectivity to anyone, from anywhere, with any device. For enterprises who wish to engage in and benefit from this dynamic environment, Inovar's Virtual Enterprise (VE) combines the flexible enterprise networking features of GVPN with the powerful management features of SME Business Manager, as well as with the Internet-based telephony features of One Number Service to give enterprises the ability to interact with employees and customers in a virtual, flexible communications environment. Enterprises save costs on PBX or IPCentrix acquisition, installation and maintenance, and expansion. Enterprise mobile phone users enjoy access to PBX- like services while also enjoying the freedom that comes from mobile phones and IP connectivity, thus providing unified and efficient enterprise-wide communication options. In addition, VE offers multi-level IVR capability for enterprise users to build their own IVR menu for greetings and company directories.

Virtual Enterprise’s (VE) enterprise functions combine several powerful components and offers quick access to those features via an intuitive dashboard. Those features include: Call Hunting, CLI Substitution, Auto attendant, Shared Usage, Hybrid Accounts, Cost Control, Call Transfer, Call Screening, Dynamic Tariffs, and much more. Intuitive web access lets customers subscribe, input enterprise business rules, and begin enjoying virtual office access immediately via mobile phone, or any connected device using the VoIP client. With the VoIP client, enterprises small and/or large can enjoy ubiquitous access and manage calls more effectively.