Intelligent Number Translator

Shorten and Centralize Commonly Dialed Numbers

Key Features

• Simplifies the customer's experience by shortening commonly dialed numbers.

• Operators benefit from incremental sponsorship revenue when enterprises subscribe to special short codes and pay a fee to the mobile operator.

• Operators enjoy increases in revenue from calls to useful services from both the customer and service provider.

Intelligent Number Translator

Intelligent Number Translator is a feature rich number translation solution designed to reduce the costs associated with switch-based number translations. This solution simplifies the customer's experience by shortening commonly dialed numbers. Intelligent Number Translator performs translations based on a variety of criteria, including Mobile Switching Center Identification MSCID, time of day, day of week, location, and more.

Intelligent Number Translator provides users with numbers not limited to geographic location. For example an operator may offer a *TAXI service that customers use to call for a taxi. When a customer dials *TAXI, Intelligent Number Translator instructs the MSC to route the call to a taxi company based on the caller's location and its internally provisioned database.

Numbers can be used by both the network operator or by enterprises for their contact or information services. Enterprises usually set multiple call centers that cover certain geographical zones, specific areas of skills and knowledge, or by time zones depending on which value added service is offered to the calling party.