Visitor Data Service

Convenient and Cost Effective Data Roaming

Key Features

• 3G/4G data at preferential rates with prepaid accounts in the roaming network.

• Keep your number and eliminate inconvenience and expense of purchasing SIM cards.

• May be offered to any inbound roamer or may be offered based upon the roamer's home country or mobile operator.

• Easily activate using USSD or SMS and receive your local number via SMS or USSD.

• Increased traffic due to higher data usage while roaming, resulting in additional revenue.

Visitor Data Service

Today’s traveler wants to make sure they're not paying exorbitant rates to use their mobile phones when traveling internationally. Although Wi-Fi connections can be purchased on a daily basis from a local provider e.g., a hotel, they only promise limited coverage. Conversely, the Visitor Data Service (VDS) service offers roaming subscribers access to data coverage from the visited mobile provider network at reasonable costs with the same ubiquitous access subscribers enjoy in their home network. The VDS service does not require subscribers to change their SIM card or change any APN settings on the handset, while allowing them to make and receive calls on their home number unaffected – a great convenience that roamers appreciate.

Subscribers can easily opt in or out of the service, make balance requests, and receive balance updates in the visited network via SMS and/or USSD. The service may be offered to any inbound roaming subscriber or it may be offered to roaming subscribers based upon their home country or mobile operator. Additionally, the VDS solution provides an optional self-care mobile application to facilitate data plan selection and payments.

VDS may be combined with Inovar's Visitor Local Number solution to also provide inbound roamers with the ability to place and receive calls using their home number. Subscribers can then enjoy the benefits of preferential local voice and data rates, increasing the likelihood the roamer will use their mobile phone while roaming. Increased usage translates to increased traffic and additional revenue for operators.