Dynamic Discount Manager

Increase Revenue From Under-Utilized Cells

Key Features

• Generation of revenue in locations where, and at times when, the network is under-utilized.

• Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering calls or data usage at attractive discounted rates.

• Easily subscribe and enjoy savings with Dynamic Discount Manager by entering a USSD code or sending an SMS.

Dynamic Discount Manager

Dynamic Discount Manager is an Intelligent Network based solution designed to increase operator revenue by enticing customers to make as at times, and from locations, where there is extra capacity in the network. Dynamic Discount Manager leverages underutilized resources by offering customers discounts or attractive lower tariffs to make revenue-generating usage including data services. Customers enjoy discounted calls while operators see increased revenues. And subscribing to the operator's Dynamic Discount Manager offering can be as easy as the customer sending a USSD message or an SMS request.

Dynamic Discount Manager allows operators to build and monitor tariff plans based on network utilization traffic data. The operator defines rules that assign discount values based on the utilization of each cell site. The Billing System is preconfigured with all the tariff values that Dynamic Discount Manager may apply and for each of these it is also preconfigured with a corresponding discount value or rate. Consequently, as discounts values are changed for different cells in the network no updates are required in the billing or charging system.

Dynamic Discount Manager assigns a tariff value to either prepay or post pay mobile originated calls and data requests utilizing the operator's existing prepay or post pay systems and then applies a discount when rating the customer’s usage. Tariff values may be based on the time of day, day of week and current location of the customer. Customers learn of the discounts through a Cell Broadcast or by a USSD query they can make themselves.