Ad Sponsored Calls

Offer Relevant Ads and Free Usage

Key Features

• Develops a partnership between the operator and retail brands that may be leveraged in many ways.

• Generates revenues by delivering targeted advertisements to customers.

• Highly configurable system for maximum flexibility for advertisers and operators.

• Multiple data reports available to operators and their advertisers.

Ad Sponsored Calls

Our Ad Sponsored Calls and Data solution provides mobile operators the ability to offer customers free minutes and data in exchange for listening to, or viewing, a short advertisement. This service provides operators a way to generate revenue by selling advertising that leverages their network capabilities and customer base. Operators may also use this capability to promote their own brand, services, and offers to their customers.

The free minutes and data for the operator’s customers are usually paid for by advertisers. For example, a large retail corporation may offer two minutes of free local calls to customers who listen to a 15-second advertisement. Instead of the customers paying for the calls, the advertiser pays the operator.

Customers that choose to participate in the Ad Sponsored Calls and Data program provide a customer-profile to the operator. Therefore, advertisers can target their ads to customers who meet specific criteria based on the operator’s customer-profiles.

Operators use the solution’s provided Campaign Manager to load and manage the advertisements. It manages the playing of the advertisements and controls the duration and number of free calls given to the customers.