Visitor Local Number

Worry-Free Roaming For Voice/SMS

Key Features

• Enjoy local calls/SMS at preferential rates with prepaid accounts in the roaming network.

• Keep your number and eliminate inconvenience and expense of purchasing SIM cards.

• Easily activate using USSD or SMS and receive your local number via SMS or USSD.

• Increased traffic due to higher usage while roaming, resulting in additional revenue.

Visitor Local Number

When very large numbers of subscribers roam into a provider’s network for a special event or holiday, it is time consuming and costly to provide new SIM cards to these roamers, especially when the subscriber only intends to visit for a brief time. By assigning a local prepay number to their existing phone, the Visitor Local Number (VLN) service from Inovar eliminates the inbound roamer's need and added cost of purchasing a new SIM card to obtain local service, thus eliminating the time, effort and cost for the production, distribution and sale of visitor SIM cards.

In addition, the VLN service can be used to reduce costs for inbound roamers by treating their calls and SMS as local, applying local prepay rates instead of roaming rates from the subscriber’s home. VLN utilizes a local prepay service and local prepay number when the subscriber wishes to receive local rates, but also allows the subscribers to easily opt in and out of the service via SMS and/or USSD to return to their home network for calls/SMS.

Calls and SMS to/from the roaming network are not charged in the subscriber’s home network while the subscriber is using the new prepay number; instead they are charged in the local network. Calls and texts from the subscriber’s home network will be routed to the roaming network as normal, thus allowing them to keep their home MSISDN while roaming.