Sync All of Your Devices with ONE Number

Key Features

• Connected devices may be Circuit Switch, Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G, and any combination thereof with or without a SIM.

• Multi-Sync works when the subscriber's smartphone isn't near them, powered on, or even connected to the network.

• Using one number, subscribers can make or receive calls from any synced device they choose, and sync voice/text message logs across multiple devices.

• Friends, co-workers, and family recognize your call or message, even when you’re not using your phone.


Mobility is paramount to subscribers, and today's on-the-go consumers have multiple devices they use to connect with family, co-workers, and/or clients. Multi-Sync combines Inovar’s Multi SIM & One Number Service (ONS), offering customers using multiple devices a convenient and transparent way to communicate from any connected device from anywhere.

Multi-Sync offers subscribers the ability to have one MSISDN associated with any connect devices with or without SIM cards. It links a subscriber’s connected devices to his/her primary mobile number, so they may send and receive texts, as well as make and receive calls, from his/her tablet or wearable device using the same number family, friends, and colleagues recognize.

Since Multi-Sync operates in the mobile network, it is device and OS-agnostic and is not dependent on a Bluetooth connection or for devices to be on the same subnet. The devices don’t need to be near each other and Multi-Sync will work even if the primary phone is turned off or disconnected from the network. Mobile devices can be associated with one “main or public” number so that no matter which mobile phone or device the customer uses to originate the call, the called party will only see the customer’s main number.

Additionally, subscribers can sync voice/text message logs across multiple devices, supporting up to ten synced devices per customer or group. An easy-to-use mobile app lets subscribers choose to have all of their connected devices to ring simultaneously, define a serial ringing order, or designate one device to be the primary recipient for voice calls.