Global Virtual Private Network

Seamless Integration of Fixed, Mobile, and PBX Enterprise Users

Key Features

• Network virtually via seamless integration of fixed, mobile, and PBX users under a single numbering plan and easy to define business rules.

• Enhanced call control functions, and a powerful easy-to-use Self-Provisioning system.

• Businesses can establish an integrated dial plan for employee mobile handsets as well as providing ease of dialing while in the field.

• Increased efficiency with cost control center rules that can be applied seamlessly across technologies and geographical boundaries.

Global Virtual Private Network

Inovar's Global Virtual Private Network (GVPN) solution helps operators provide an ideal platform for networking and collaborative needs by integrating both fixed, mobile, and PBX technologies under a single numbering plan, allowing businesses to connect virtually from anywhere. GVPN is ideal for small business owners as well as corporations because it allows mobile handsets to become extensions of the main office telephone system. Internal calls can be made to any mobile extension just as they would be to a fixed extension, wherever the mobile user is located.

GVPN offers corporations the ability to form groups of subscribers within a Virtual PBX environment. GVPN allows this Virtual PBX environment in the mobile operator’s network to be linked to the office PBX. These two environments function as one interconnected and integrated virtual PBX system.

With GVPN, small business owners can establish an integrated dial plan for employee mobile handsets as well as providing ease of dialing, especially to field staff. Instead of the unstructured individual employee mobile handset usage, managers have the ability to establish a virtual network where handsets become seamless extensions of the main office. Business rates including cost center rules can then be applied seamlessly across the corporation spanning multiple technologies and geographies.