One Number Service

One Number For All

Key Features

• Appeals to a broad range of customers, easy to implement, and provides operators with revenue-generating solutions that leverage their core network assets and increases usage.

• Offers customers free or low cost calls while roaming, and increases connectivity via multiple devices.

• Designed to work in a pre-IMS network so the operator is not required to invest in IMS infrastructure to deploy One Number Service.

• Transparent user experience for voice and messaging, adding value to your brand and increasing customer loyalty.

One Number Service

One Number Service (ONS) provides a convenient, uncomplicated service for customers who value Internet-based telephony. One Number Service (ONS) recreates the features of a mobile phone on Internet connected devices-tablets, PCs, or smartphones through the use of a softphone or so client. This gives customers the ability to make calls and send text messages as they would on their mobile phone and with only one Called Line Identity presented to the called partiesfrom any of the connected devices.

With the use of an operator-provided softphone application these Internet-connected devices become extensions of the customers mobile phone. With one mobile phone number as the single contact number or all devices customers are readily accessible to everyone, whether at home, in the office, or on the road.

Roaming customers save valuable time and money with ONS, enjoying the same number, the same services and the same high quality voice and messaging experiences they would at home while traveling. On-the-go customers have the freedom to move locations as they please and still benefit from a transparent user experience for voice and messaging.

Offering ONS reduces a customer’s reliance on OTT communication services and operators decide what devices to include for the ONS softphone application. Softphones offer customer free or low-cost calls and can eliminate roaming charges altogether. And One Number Service appeals to a broad range of customers, is easy to implement, and provides operators with a revenue generating OTT solution that leverages their core network assets.