One Mobile Phone for All Your Numbers

Key Features

• Ability to efficiently manage multiple phone numbers without caring for and carrying multiple handsets.

• No need to switch SIM cards or turn the mobile handset on or off for added flexibility and convenience.

• Increase revenue with Multi Line by efficiently offering rental lines to customers for short durations.

• Eliminate borders and enjoy constant connectivity for both voice and data across geographical boundaries with Cross-Border Multi Line.


Multi-Line (ML) offers the ability to use two or more mobile numbers using a standard, single-SIM handset without the need to change or switch SIM cards, or turn the mobile handset on or off. With ML, businesses can “mix-and-match” numbers for a variety of purposes, like general business lines for customer inquiries and separate numbers for work associates to call you directly, or individuals can use it to easily separate their business and private lines. Additionally mobile operators may use ML to efficiently offer rental lines to customers for short durations.

With Multi-Line, a standard single-SIM mobile phone is represented with more than one mobile number, and the customer can be called on any of the numbers and be reached on this single registered handset for maximum flexibility, efficiency, and convenience. The original customer number associated with the mobile phone is designated to receive all calls and SMSs dialed to any of the Virtual Numbers, offering the convenience of multiple numbers without the hassle of carrying multiple phones. An intuitive mobile app is available so customers can easily subscribe to and personalize the service.

Multi Line lets customers choose up to nine additional number(s), decide how they will pay for each number, and begin making and receiving calls from each line. Roaming customers may also enjoy Multi-Line for both data and voice services..