Mobile Controls

Usage Management At Your Fingertips

Key Features

• Increases revenue for service providers that charge a monthly subscription fee.

• Gives operators a great service to reduce churn and increase revenue.

• Corporate managers gain control over mobile phone use and the ability to enforce company policies.

• Easy and flexible provisioning options for managers and parents via the Internet or convenient, mobile app.

• Parents ensure the safety/security of children by restricting certain types of data usage and/or calls while allowing calls to family members and emergency numbers .

• Answers increasing calls from telecom regulators to provide an easy and efficient way for users to manage their call and data usage.

Mobile Controls

Mobile Controls (MC) is an intuitive solution designed to give individual subscribers and owners of group accounts total flexibility in setting the treatment of incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, and data usage. MC is applicable in consumer and corporate segments, giving corporate managers absolute control over employee mobile phone usage, and offering parents a useful tool for plan management with child safety and security.

When integrated with the Inovar's Usage Manager corporations and parents can also manage mobile phone usage of employees and children based on configurable spending limits. Share pools of minutes, data volume, or currency for a corporation as well as subscriber level limits can be set to control the cost of mobile usage.

Mobile Controls works with both prepay and postpay billing systems and is easy to implement as typically there is no billing impact for customers using Mobile Controls. In highly competitive markets Mobile Controls solutions provide operators a valuable service for customers that increases revenues and reduces churn.