Usage Manager

Ubiquitous Voice/Date Management

Key Features

• Control, monitor and manage in real time, voice, SMS, and data sessions in a mobile network.

• View and update plan balances to better control costs for families and/or enterprise accounts.

• User-friendly mobile app to easily monitor, allocate, and/or reallocate plan minutes or data with other plan members.

Usage Manager

With the proliferation of smart phones and today's expectation of constant connectivity, individuals and/or businesses need quick and easy access to manage all aspects of their mobile phone usage. Usage Manager allows customers to monitor and/or update in real time, voice, SMS and/or data usage for either consumer or enterprise segments. An easy-to-use mobile app and web interface lets consumers and/or businesses quickly assess usage, set voice, SMS, and data usage limits, divide shared pools of minutes among devices or group members, data volume, or currency, and update balances individually or collectively.

For the consumer segment Usage Manager is a valuable asset for parents who want to have cost control over their children’s mobile phone usage by setting a weekly or monthly allowance. Parents can easily monitor, allocate, and/or reallocate plan minutes or data with other family members without the concern that one person may use the majority of the minutes or data, as is the case with many systems that only support a “first come, first serve” approach.

Where there is a need to monitor, control, or manage mobile usage in real time, Usage Manager is a valuable solution for operators. When combined with other Inovar solutions such as Global Virtual Private Network for enterprise customers, or Mobile Controls for the consumer segment, the possible services that an operator can provide to its customers are significantly increased.