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Inovar Announces Release of Privacy Call Manager—an efficient and inexpensive solution ensuring number privacy and protection from potential abuse.

December 7, 2017 – Dallas – Inovar’s Privacy Call Manager (PCM)—the latest addition to Inovar’s innovative suite of mobile solutions—is an efficient and scalable solution for mobile operators that protects a customer's actual phone number from potential abuse using a “virtual” number to mask their true mobile number when making calls or sending texts.

Due to the proliferation of OTT mobile apps like Uber, Airbnb, Careem, and others, who connect consumers to sellers via their mobile devices, it has become increasingly important to ensure number privacy to prevent potential abuse. Privacy Call Manager offers both consumers and sellers number privacy and protection by restricting access to both the consumer’s and seller’s actual mobile number. PCM masks the real number of the consumer and seller by pairing the numbers with a “virtual” number to allow calls and/or texts to be completed between the two parties. As a result, the privacy of each party's true mobile number is maintained throughout, eliminating the threat of misuse.

PCM can pair multiple consumers with a seller for multi-party scenarios such as ride-sharing, and can continue the number pairing for a configurable time period after the service completion for added convenience. Additionally, PCM does not require costly DID or trunks since it works entirely off signaling information originating or terminating within the telephony networks, providing mobile operators with an efficient and scalable solution.

“Phone number privacy has become a sensitive and serious issue across the globe,” Arshad Syed, CEO of Inovar, stated. “With that in mind, we designed a solution for evolving enterprises in the new “sharing and service” economy and for which there are limitless use cases where efficient and inexpensive number protection is required.”

Inovar, founded in 1996, and based in Dallas, Texas, USA is a leading provider of solutions for mobile network operators worldwide. For more information about Inovar’s Privacy Call Manager or about Inovar’s entire portfolio of proven mobile solutions, visit, email, or call +1.972.664.0711.

November 2017 - Inovar selects Dialogic’s PowerNova™ service creation platform for delivering voice, video, and customer engagement applications to mobile operators

Nov. 1st – Parsippany, NJ - Dialogic, a cloud-optimized applications and infrastructure solutions provider for service providers, enterprises, and developers, announced today that Inovar, a premier provider of differentiated and modular mobile solutions, will be using the Dialogic® PowerNova™ Application Server (AS) to develop real-time communications applications to enhance its array of mobile solutions deployed by prominent companies worldwide, including several tier one operators. Inovar’s new role as a PowerNova Developer and Reseller will leverage its extensive solution delivery capabilities that help service providers continue to grow and transition into the digital space while still leveraging their natural strengths.

Dialogic’s PowerNova Developer and Reseller program is targeted at system integrators and next generation service providers looking for a flexible, real-time communications applications development environment to rapidly design, customize, and deliver solutions for their customers.

“Dialogic’s PowerNova platform and flexible service creation environment will enhance Inovar’s ability to deliver solutions service providers want, such as Visual IVR and on-demand apps for improved customer engagement and service differentiation across a range of markets,” said Arshad Syed, CEO of Inovar. “We can capitalize on the platform’s flexibility and extensibility with developing voice, video, collaboration, charging control, and IVR solutions to expand our solutions framework and provide rapid and simplified service creation to help mobile operators get the most out of their investments and grow revenue.”

The PowerNova platform enables fast implementation of solutions like IVR, Visual IVR, prepaid calling, charge control, intelligent number translation and routing services for mobile and fixed operators. The intuitive graphical “drag-and-drop” service creation environment makes service design and customization straightforward and provides unparalleled flexibility. In addition, the same platform can be used by systems integrators and service providers to implement revenue-ready solutions such as Unified Communications, conferencing and collaboration, visual voicemail, and hosted PBX services.

“Inovar’s expertise in developing and delivering innovative VoIP, M2M, and IoT solutions to service providers, along with its extensive relationships across the globe, made it a great fit for our program,” said Jim Machi SVP of Product Management and Marketing. “We’re excited to expand our relationship with them to help bring real-time communications apps to market faster.”

Visit the webpage for more info on the Dialogic PowerNova-based solutions.

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