Voice Over IP Solution

Expand your customer base with VoIP International Calling

Key Features

• Subscribers receive local rates on international calls to the ICS provider country rather than international rates charged by their home operator.

• ICS operators enjoy increased revenue by providing attractive rates for calling to their country via the ICS Soft Client.

• Subscribers can download easily via standard mobile app sites such as Apple for iOS devices.

• Compete with OTT players for the lucrative international calling market.

Voice Over IP Solution

For customers who need to connect with far away friends and family, Inovar's VoIP International Calling (ICS) Solution allows providers to offer local rates on international calls to their country via an ICS Soft Client. The ICS Soft Client is downloaded and coupled to their primary MSISDN assigned by their home operator. When activated, the caller receives local rates as if the call originated from the ICS operator’s network. In addition, these subscribers can send text messages via the Soft Client with these same local rates. The Soft Client may run on any device such as a tablet, smartphone, or computer.

The ICS solution provider uses a virtual local number (MSISDN) and their existing real-time charging systems to rate and charge calls and SMS for ICS subscribers using the ICS Soft Client, charging calls and SMSs to an account associated with the virtual MSISDN.

ICS subscribers may not know the virtual MSISDN exists, and the calling number presented to the called party of the Soft Client-originated call or text will always be the customer's MSISDN and not the virtual MSISDN. However, the virtual MSISDN is passed as the “charge to party” to the real-time charging and rating solution to ensure charges are applied as if the calls and SMS were placed from the local virtual number.

Subscribers can download the Soft Client from standard mobile app sites, such as Apple for iOS devices. After downloading the Soft Client, the customer can easily activate via an activation code sent to their registered device and begin making "locally rated" calls to to the ICS operator's country. Balance notifications and balance requests are available via SMS for added convenience.