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For over 20 years, Inovar has remained an industry leader in delivering creative solutions offering absolute convenience and unmatched value for our customers. Our solutions, which have been deployed by prominent companies worldwide, including several tier one operators, are designed to be flexible, resilient, and modular to derive differentiated and optimal value from various market segments such as: Enterprise, Consumer, Roaming, M2M/IOT, etc. Virtualization, next-generation mobile networks and advanced digital services have dramatically changed the mobile landscape for consumers and services providers; as technology progresses, Inovar's unique suite of solutions are designed to assist operators wanting to take advantage of virtualization, IoT/M2M, and the latest technologies by providing faster time-to-market for new services and seamless convergence between current and future technologies. STAY AHEAD with Inovar.

Inovar is an industry leader in delivering innovative solutions to leverage mobile network assets to preserve and grow revenue from enhanced services. Mobile technologies are transforming customers’ lives, and Inovar’s differentiating VAS, Mobile Advertising, M2M, and Operator OTT solutions provide operators seamless convergence between current and future technologies. Our strategy is simple: offer creative solutions that deliver absolute convenience and unmatched value, securing customer acquisition and retention with faster time-to-market for new service revenues.

There is tremendous value in mobile networks that operators can leverage to offer compelling services to customers. Get Inovar solutions deployed by operators around the world.

One Number Service appeals to a broad range of customers. It is also easy to implement and provides operators with a revenue generating Operator OTT solution that leverages their core network assets.

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